Financial Peace for a Unitarian youth group?

I’m an adult volunteer at our churches’ youth group, and I’ve been thinking for a while that it’d be really cool if I could find a way to pass along some of Dave‘s money advice to them, to (hopefully) save them some of the grief Jennie and I are dealing with. I knew he had something called “Financial Peace Junior“, but it turns out that it’s aimed at elementary-aged kids (our youth group is junior high and high school, plus one college student).

I’ve poked around Dave’s site before, looking for curricula for different ages, and on one of my searches a few weeks ago, I ran across “Financial Peace for the Next Generation“, which is aimed at the right age group — but it’s meant to be taught in schools, where you see the kids every day, and it looks like an entire-semester class. Not the best choice for a youth group that meets once a week.

Well, I don’t know if this is something new, or if I just didn’t manage to run across it before, but today I started poking around the site and found “No Matter What“, which is specifically designed for church youth groups. It’s a 7-week class, and designed for a one-hour timeslot. The teacher’s kit costs $100, which our group could probably find. Perfect!

I talked to Cheryll, our youth-group coordinator, about it tonight, and she suggested that I bring it up when the youth leaders meet at the end of this month. She also asked if I’d be willing to teach the class, and I said you bet. Jennie also wants to help, work-schedule permitting.

The only hitch I see so far (aside from this being the first class I’ll actually teach without Cheryll’s help) is that “No Matter What” is designed for church youth groups — by which they mean, Christian youth groups (they’re apparently of the “what other churches are there?” school of thought). Jennie and I have been taking Dave’s “Financial Peace University” class, and while he quotes the Bible and talks about God occasionally, it’s not enough to bother either of us. But I suspect that “No Matter What” will push that aspect a little (or a lot) more, and our group is feisty enough that I’m afraid that might turn them off to it. From the promo materials I’ve looked through so far, it looks like the Christian bent may be pretty strong (among other things, they advise the leaders to “pray for your youth specifically to receive [the] lesson” and to “Make sure your teens understand that the only way to true Financial Peace is to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ”).

But what really matters is how it comes across in the videos, and I won’t really know that until we order the kit. And even if it turns out that the presentation won’t fly with our youth, we can probably repurpose the content and ad-lib our own curriculum if we need to. (Scary though the prospect is. I’ve never taught any sort of class yet — OWL won’t start until January. This class probably couldn’t start until then, either. Though I’m not sure how I could be teaching both OWL and No Matter What during the same timeslot…)

At any rate, I suspect there may be some other Unitarians who are interested in this curriculum (and I couldn’t find any other pages talking about Dave Ramsey and No Matter What from a Unitarian perspective). So I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted on how it goes.

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