Miscellaneous conference catch-up stuff

I guess I haven’t blogged about Tuesday evening’s Meet the Team session yet. Last year, they did a presentation where each of the devs showed off their favorite new feature. They didn’t do that this year, which was kind of a bummer. All they did was have people standing around, near signs with the product names on them, and people could wander up and talk to them. I got involved in, or listened to, a few interesting discussions about everything from comment spam to the number of bugs Danny has fixed (and created). Not bad. They didn’t hand out any betas, though.

This afternoon, I was hoping to go to Chris Bensen’s talk on “C++ and .NET Interoperability”. Unfortunately, that session got canceled. 🙁 We’re not a C++ shop, but we have a large Win32 codebase that we’re looking at moving to .NET, and that move would most likely be done piecemeal, so interop is very much of interest. The description said the session would cover (among other things) mixing the VCL, VCL for .NET, and WinForms frameworks. Man. I was looking forward to that one.

I went to the computer lab this morning and played around with Delphi 2006. I’m liking the new features, especially the edit-completion stuff. I poked around briefly with modifying the existing templates, and was able to fix the template I complained about yesterday. Haven’t tried creating my own template, because it isn’t immediately obvious what all you can do in that XML file, and there’s nothing about it in the Help file yet.

On an amusing note, the IDE seemed quite responsive in the lab, and I found out why when I looked at the System properties… that computer-lab machine had three and a half gigs of RAM! (Please can I have some?)

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