Closing session

  • Started on Tuesday with a surprise: a new CEO
    • Developer guy
    • Loves developers
    • Told everyone developers rule the world
    • Video on BDN
  • Will put up JBuilder and Delphi demos as well
  • Tempo – IT management and governance
  • “Project Maia” – Requirements engineering: turning Word-based requirements into something developers can actually use
  • Getting the external forces under control
  • Spirit of Delphi award: nominated & voted on by Delphi development team to a member of the community who eats, breathes, sleeps and bleeds Delphi, is active in the community, newsgroups, magazine articles, supermarkets.
    • This year: Pierre le Riche (developer of the FastMM memory manager)
  • Borland Developer Network (launched as beta in 1999 – still beta)
  • GetPublished
  • Conference proceedings online –

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