Opening keynote

A few high points from the opening keynote:

  • Borland’s SDO (Software Delivery Optimization) is all about adding visibility, control, and predictability to the software development process. Interesting. That’s the same things that Extreme Programming tries to do.
  • New product in the works: codename Maya. Business & IT alignment, requirements engineering. Elicit and validate requirements. Sounds pretty interesting.
  • Software drives the entire economy, so software projects have to succeed.
  • AQTime will integrate into the Delphi 2006 IDE.
  • JBuilder 2006 has peer-to-peer team collaboration features.
    • Share a project with someone else, they can look at the files you have on your screen.
    • Only one person (the one with the “token”) can edit at a time.
    • Clients can put themselves in “Follow mode”: as the guy with the token scrolls through the code, highlights text, etc., they scroll along.
    • The person who owns the token can revoke it.
    • Send a stack trace to the other machine
    • Looks really sweet. When’s Delphi going to get this?
  • VCL Live Guidelines (snap to)
  • Live Templates (Allen did some really sweet demos that I’ll post later)
  • Block Completion (type “begin”, it adds the “end” for you… smart about things like if statements)
  • New refactorings (Push / Pull members, a few others; they flipped by the slide too fast)
  • FastCode MM, in the IDE and in compiled apps. Faster startup times, more responsive IDE.
  • ECO “Basics” will be included in all editions of Delphi
  • ECO State Machines (will these be in Pro, or just Enterprise?)
  • ECO AutoForms will autogenerate a rudimentary GUI for your objects
  • They’ll be Unicode-enabling everything in Delphi in a phased rollout over the next few years, starting with database.
  • Together adds LiveSource class diagramming, UML diagram suite, patterns, audits & metrics, documentation generation

I’ll post more later. Allen’s session is starting.

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