Second bike ride of spring

There’s a bike trail that runs within about half a mile of our house. I looked up the satellite photos on Google Maps, and found that this is the same trail that runs within half a block of where I work. Today, I took my bike and checked it out.

It turns out I’m still out of shape.

Other things I learned today:

  1. Bike tires apparently don’t stay full for the entire summer like they used to. (This is ridiculous. I just filled the damn things six weeks ago.)
  2. Partly-flat bike tires have a lot more drag than you’d think — enough that, once I notice they’re going flat, it’s probably worth going back home and refilling them. Live and learn.
  3. When I collapse from exhaustion after riding a little over a mile, it takes more than ten minutes before I’m actually ready to go again. Half an hour is better.
  4. Recuperating in the shade is a better idea than recuperating in the sun.
  5. Next time, I’m not just going to bring a bottle of Gatorade like I did this time. I’m also going to bring a bottle of cold water, and a washcloth, so I can expedite the cooling-off process.
  6. (Suggested by somebody who stopped to see if I was OK) Eat something first. Two waffles four hours earlier might not cut it. At least eat an apple before I go.
  7. A bicycle makes a decent crutch when you’re still a little wobbly on the walk home.
  8. My next few bike rides are going to be on an exercise bike at the gym. That way, once I’ve reached the point of exhaustion, I only have to walk as far as my car.

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