Anniversary gift: mostly healthy cat

Two very good things happened yesterday.

One: we took Tycho back to the vet for a re-check, and she said that his eye looked “90% better”. She doesn’t think we’re going to need to take him to a specialist at this point (which saves us a five-hour car trip — each way — with a yowling cat in tow), so that was a relief. If the thing in his eye had been a tumor, she told us, then we wouldn’t have seen this kind of improvement with the meds we had him on. (She called us after we got home, with the lab results from his first visit, and there were indeed no cancerous cells. Hooray!) Not only is his eye doing better, but now we only have to put ointment in his eye four times a day, instead of six — much more manageable, given our work schedules. He goes back in a week for another re-check.

Two: yesterday was our eight-year anniversary. (Our anniversary celebration consisted of taking Tycho to the vet. See, we still know how to party till it hurts.)

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