Ants in the kitchen

Ain’t it great when you come home from work and find a line of ants straggling across your kitchen? Uy vey.

I applied my two homemade remedies, learned years ago. #1: Ants cannot swim through dish soap (the kind you use for hand-washing dishes), so pouring a line of dish soap across their path will cut them off quite effectively. Best done at the point where they’re entering the house, so they can’t find a way around. And #2: squash all the ants that are already inside the house. Make sure to do #1 first.

This seemed to work okay, as I only saw four ants this morning, presumably ones that were hiding when I applied remedy #2 last night. We’ll see how things look tonight. I also probably ought to clean the kitchen so there’s less for them to find, but we all know how that goes.

Fortunately, they hadn’t found the carton of sugar yet (or we would’ve had ant gridlock), although I found three or four ants in the cupboard where we keep it. I relocated the sugar to a much-more-distant cupboard for the time being (i.e., either until it looks like they’re not coming back, or until I call Orkin).

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