ReSharper revisited

I posted about ReSharper yesterday. This morning I had a comment from Oleg Stepanov, one of the ReSharper developers, waiting in my e-mail. He had seen my blog post and was responding to it. Wow.

Among his responses:

  • ReSharper’s highlighting colors are customizable via the standard VS Tools > Options. I’m impressed that they’re that deeply rooted into Visual Studio; I didn’t expect to find an add-on’s settings there. (Well, it did occur to me at one point, and I probably would have gotten to there eventually, if not for the errors.) But hey, now I know.
  • They already know about the multi-monitor issues, and they’ll be fixed in one of the bugfix updates.
  • He says the exceptions are related to invalid metadata in one of our assemblies. Given some of the problems we’ve had with the Delphi 8 compiler, that’s entirely possible.
  • There actually is a Tracker for ReSharper bugs. But I’ll be buggered if I can find any links to it (except in his e-mail).

Again, it looks like a nice product… but we certainly can’t use the current version. I’ll see if I can work with them to track down the problems it’s running into, in hopes of getting a working-for-us version a little sooner.

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