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What does it mean when CodeGear “announces” Delphi 2009?

Just wondering. What exactly is CodeGear “announcing” today? And how is it different from what they’ve been doing for months now?

They’re not announcing what the product will be; they’ve already done that. Sure, they’re filling in a few details, but you can’t really announce something that everybody already knows about. (Mind you, I’m not complaining about the early blogging — I love transparency. But it doesn’t leave much for the marketing droids to, you know, announce.)

And they’re not announcing that the product is feature-complete, or ready to ship, or anything. It isn’t yet. They’re only taking pre-orders. No mention is made of when electronic downloads will begin… or of how much longer after that it’s going to take before they start shipping physical product… or of how much longer after that it’s going to take for customers to start actually getting their copies.

So what, pray tell, is all the fuss about?

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