Using macros as a second clipboard

This isn’t really either a macro recipe or a power tip, but it’s a useful trick.

Sometimes I’ll run into a situation where I want two different things on the clipboard at once. Maybe I’m passing a filename through several layers of methods, and at each layer, I’m typing

; AFileName: string

twice (once in the class declaration, once in the method implementation), and

, AFileName

once (where the value needs to be passed along to the next guy). Wouldn’t it be nice if I had two clipboards, each with its own “paste” keystroke?

Once you think to use a macro as the second “clipboard”, it’s trivial. Select ; AFileName: string and copy it to the clipboard; then start recording a macro, type , AFileName, and stop recording.

Voila — two clipboards. Paste one with Ctrl+V, and the other with Ctrl+Shift+P.

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