Saving macros for later

Several people clued me in on a couple of ways to save macros for later. I haven’t had a chance to try either one yet (so someone correct me if I say something wrong about either), but they both sound great — and both are open-source.

(I’m really curious how they do it… I should look at their code sometime.)

GExperts Macro Library

GExperts includes a dockable Macro Library window. It lets you have multiple macros, lets you assign names and descriptions to them, and automatically saves them when you close the IDE.

I’m not sure where it saves them, though. This would be terrific if we could save them in revision control somehow — otherwise, with eight development machines, the macro I want would inevitably be on one of the other computers.

Keyboard macro manager on CodeCentral

TOndrej wrote a keyboard macro manager that you can compile into a design-time package and register in the IDE.

This one definitely can save the macros to a file, so could probably be used to share macros between computers.

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