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Delphi grammar trivia of the day: double-quoted strings

Quoted strings, in Delphi, use single quotes. Almost always.

But did you know that the Delphi compiler supports double-quoted strings, too?

I didn’t either, until I wrote a Delphi lexer. I set it loose on all of the library source that ships with Delphi, and it complained about this " character that it didn’t understand. In SysUtils.pas, as it turns out, there’s a line that looks like this:

CMP     AL,"'"

Yep. Inside an asm block, you can have a double-quoted character literal. And since I use the same lexer for all source files (i.e., I don’t have a separate lexer for asm blocks), I too have to support double-quoted strings.

But I only support double quotes around a single apostrophe: "'". After all, I don’t want to encourage this sort of thing.

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