The shopautodotca seocontest anti-meme

Raymond Chen (and if you’re a geek and don’t know who he is yet, you need to read his blog) is participating… sort of… in something called the shopautodotca seocontest.

It’s kind of a spam competition, and he’s participating by being a conscientious objector. Sorta.

From his “shopautodotca seocontest online contest tacitly encourages comment spam” post:

There is a Canadian web site that is running a contest to see who can get their web site to rank highest for the terms “shopautodotca seocontest”. There’s $14,000 in prize money at stake (presumably in Canadian dollars), as well as a contract as the company’s SEO manager. Since the contest rules do not rule out spam as a mechanism for improving search rank, this web site (and no doubt others) are getting hit with comment spam…

This web site has a Google page rank significantly higher than the current contest leader, and I think it would be a nice touch if I, as one of the victims of their antisocial little contest, ended up winning it.

Just figured I’d join in the fray by contributing to Raymond’s page rank for the offending phrase. I think it’d be a riot if he wound up outranking all their spam-contest participants.

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