My Script Frenzy plot

So I’ve signed up for Script Frenzy. Fame and fortune, here I come.

I’ve finally (almost two weeks after learning about Script Frenzy, three days before curtain) decided on a plot… of sorts. It’s still just the one-sentence summary from Step 1 of the Snowflake Method. But hey, it’s a start, right? Here’s what I’ve got:

In the modern Midwest, a teenager must rescue the girl she loves from a power-hungry Faerie Lord.

We’ll see if I’m still using that same plot by the time June is over.

As with this past NaNoWriMo (which I never did actually finish), I’ll be writing this on Google Docs, so I can share it with a few people without making it totally public. That way, I can sell it for more money when all the Hollywood studios come knocking my door down. Denial springs eternal, and all that.

Let me know if you want to read along as I write. My contact form doesn’t seem to be working (grumble grumble blog software that doesn’t report the actual mail server error grumble grumble), but you can e-mail me using my hotmail address, which has “ip255” before the at sign. Put something about Script Frenzy in the subject line so I know not to feed you to my hamster.

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