Advanced Treeview for WinForms

Found a WinForms control called Advanced Treeview. It looks like it might be able to do most of what we currently do in Delphi with VirtualTree. It’s got multi-select, multi-columns, drag-and-drop, and something resembling owner-draw, among other things. And it looks like it’s entirely owner-data, which all by itself is reason to use it instead of the standard WinForms TreeView.

I am a little scared by what the author refers to as NodeControls (which represent everything drawable in the grid: the little plus sign, the checkboxes, the node text, etc.), but the fact that there’s a Draw method on the NodeControl class suggests that they don’t all have to be individual WinForms controls (but can be, e.g. in the case of an edit box or combo box).

I haven’t actually used this control yet, but it looks intriguing. It looks like it may have a steep learning curve, but if you actually needed some level of flexibility, it looks like it might be a winner.

If anyone has used both VirtualTreeView and Advanced TreeView, I’d be very interested in hearing how they compare.

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