BorCon has been pretty good to me. Or to my blog, at least.

I was downloading my server logs a couple days ago, and noticed that the size of each day’s logfile seemed to be back down to about the same as before BorCon. Then I looked more closely and noticed an extra digit. My server logs before BorCon averaged somewhere around 50k a day, and now they’re more like 400k a day. Whew.

My biggest day was September 13, the Monday of BorCon. My server log for that day was a little over 3.5 megs. Most of that was from everyone who linked to my blog of John Kaster’s preconference tutorial on what’s new in Diamondback. (Actually, I got as many non-English sites linking to me as I did English sites.) My blog post is evidently the definitive word on that session. It’s even been plagiarized.

Since BorCon started, I’ve had 456 different referers appear in my logs (not counting links from my own domain, or search-agent spiders). And I now have 140 people who reguarly (i.e., more than once within the past week, as identified by both IP address and user-agent) read my RSS feed. There used to be nine.

(Wow. Maybe I’d better come up with something interesting to say one of these days.)

Oddly enough, all this hasn’t done much for my Google rank. A Google search for joe white blog places me within the top ten, and has for quite a while; “joe white” blog and joe white’s blog have long pegged me at #1. But in a search for just “joe white”, I’m still lost in the noise — largely because of some country singer with the nerve to be named Tony Joe White. (Dude, do me a favor and drop the middle name, ‘kay?) In that search, I’m somewhere around #368 of 831, when I’m in the search results at all. (Sometimes Google’s servers get out of sync, cache weird results, and Google shows duplicate URLs in its results, while I disappear into a seam between search-result pages. I’ve seen it happen twice now. It’s very disqueting to think that Google might have a bug.)

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