Tired but wired

Yesterday: Moving day, again. We now have all the furniture moved out of the apartment, including the big couch and the fridge — hooray! Many thanks to all who helped (Kent and his kids, Laura, Lina, Solomon, Jeff, and Anita, with honorable mentions for Sidney and the pizza guy). Now I just need to put the refrigerator door back on sometime.

Today: I tried to mow the lawn, which meant going out and buying gas (and discovering that we don’t have a lid for our gas can). The lawnmower I’m borrowing from John works pretty well, aside from not having power-drive wheels. I got all the front yard and about half of the back yard before I decided to wander inside and collapse from something between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. (Yes, really. I’m a wuss about heat.) Cold washcloth wasn’t helping (I could practically see the steam coming off the washcloth), but a cold shower improved matters a bit. Even so, I suspect I would have gotten a brutal migraine if I hadn’t decided to take some Excedrin. The mower sat there in the backyard from about 11:00 until about 8:00 tonight when I finally moved it back in. I haven’t finished mowing the backyard yet; I’ll try to do that early tomorrow while it’s still cool out. For future reference, mowing the lawn is probably a two-day task; it’s not that big a lawn, but it’s hotter work than I’m in any shape for. I should probably start going to Tae Kwon Do again and get myself in shape or something.

Sam came over this afternoon, and we drilled holes with a serious drill bit, spent a great deal of time trying to buy a co-ax wire-stripper that worked, cut holes, dodged cats, and fished wires. As a result, the computer room now has both cable and Ethernet. I’m back online! Hooray! Of course, there’s still lots of cleanup (screw holes to be drilled, wall plates to be attached, wallboard dust to be vacuumed, tools to be put away, duct to be re-closed, wall plate to be surgically altered, wall vent and ceiling tiles to be put back on) that I haven’t even started yet. (Well, I’ve sort of started on it, in that I went back to the apartment to get our handheld vacuum. Haven’t used it yet, but I did go and get it.)

Whew. Long weekend. Good weekend.

Now I’ve just got to box up the rest of our stuff by the end of the month. Whee. Keep those boxes coming, Sidney.

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